Optimize your marketing using your own customer data to create the best campaign possible.

The Fastest and Easiest Solution to Connect your Dealership’s CRM, DMS and Vehicle Inventory directly into your marketing campaign

Integrated with key automotive dealer platforms and tools

Performance Advertising

Engage your customers across multiple marketing channels.

Activate your Audience

Market to your audiences on
Meta, Google, Amazon and Trade Desk.

Expand your audience with exclusive Trade Desk look a like modeling

Create the right ad - Inventory Marketing

Our inventory marketing solutions across multiple advertising channels, allowing you to manage your inventory marketing effectively and maximize ad performance.

First-Party Data & Inventory Management

Inventory Providers

Enhance your inventory and vehicle selection by integrating with leading inventory providers


Direct integrations with top automotive customer relationship management and dealership management software providers including Eleads, Vin Solutions, CDK, and Dealer Vault.

Marketing Integration

Maximize performance and gain insights using our multi-channel marketing integrations

Tested Ad Units

Benefit from our range of optimized and tested ad units, which include Google and Bing inventory text ads, Facebook inventory ads with leads, dynamic display ads on Trade desk, TikTok inventory videos, and dynamic OTT inventory videos.

“Our 1st party data and lookalike perform 35-45% better then 3rd party audiences”

Dynamic display ads and our entire campaign saw a better CPL! It’s a no brainer to connect your audience, and LinkOne made it easy.

Mike M - Performance Dealer

Omnichannel Digital Advertising

Marketing across all platforms

Let us take care of advertising strategies that put your inventory on every platform, including Google, Bing, Facebook, and TikTok.

Match audiences across publishers and channels

We use audience enrichment and lookalike targeting to connect car shoppers with the perfect ride across all channels. Our data-driven approach ensures optimal performance, so you can reach your marketing goals faster.

Reporting for Campaigns

Measure ad performance, lead conversions, sales matchback, and detailed reporting about audiences, allowing you to optimize for unique shoppers, VDP views, and overall performance.

Dynamic Display Inventory Ads

Auto-updated, personalized ads leverage real-time inventory including year, make, model and price to enhance engagement and conversions. Run on Trade Desk and Amazon display networks

Meta Inventory Carousel

Deliver personalized ads on Meta platforms, specifically targeting users who’ve expressed interest on your inventory through your website, app, or elsewhere on the Internet.

Inventory SEM Ads, Google Vehicle Ads

Detail-rich, performance-driven ads on Google and Bing’s search platforms. Enrich customer experiences and generate high-quality leads

Display, Mobile, OTT, Pre Roll

Maximize performance and gain insights using our multi-channel marketing integrations. Reach the right audience wherever they are, expand audiences from your 1st party data. Our varied ad solutions increase brand visibility and customer engagement by delivering expansive reach across display ads, geofenced mobile, OTT, and PreRoll videos.

“LinkOne makes things simple”

Simple sells, Simple is usable and Simple scales.

Jenny Wilson - Content Strategist

Campaign-Specific Reporting

Get detailed reports to track ad performance, lead conversions, and audience engagement.


Unique Shoppers

VDP views
(vehicle detail page)


Sales Matchback

Gain valuable insights into your audience by importing data from your CRM and track lead conversions. Detailed reports can help you understand your Shoppers, Unique shoppers, and VDP views better. You can then optimize your strategies and increase your chances of converting more leads.

VDP views
(vehicle detail page)

Unique Shoppers

Your data is safeguarded, encrypted, and kept private by default.

Encrypted database and sent hashed to marketing platforms

Your data is encrypted at rest in AWS servers, and protected in transit using standard hashing

Controled visibility with user access levels and session limits

Secure your data and account through restricted internal access, user access levels, and strong password enforcement.

Private and Exclusive

Client 1st party data is strictly leveraged for the data owner's campaigns and marketing objectives without any other usage


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