Cohesive data is pivotal for enhancing your dealership's ROI

LinkOne’s advanced Customer Data Platform for Automotive seamlessly integrates, consolidates, and refines a comprehensive dataset from all sources, including first, second, and third party.

One Source of Truth

Harmonizing data from disparate sources to create a single source of truth make teams navigate with ease and reliability. Knowing that your customer data is streamlined and validated into a single pipeline with a powerful underlying technology boosts confidence and reliability to make firm decisions informed by accurate and relevant data – all in one place

Real-time Insights, Always Up-to-Date​

LinkOne empowers you to make swift, informed decisions based on the most current data. Take decisive actions backed by up-to-the-minute insights, empowering your organization for seamless, real-time collaboration.

Automotive Inventory Data

Navigating the Automotive data ecosystem is no small feat. Given its complexity, diverse stakeholders and extremely large data sets. LinkOne serves as a seamless bridge, engaging with inventory feed providers, CRMs, and DMSs to consolidate data into a singular view for you to manage easily.

When you have solved data problems, your team’s productivity spikes.


More Conversions


More Conversions


More Conversions

What can you do with a Automotive Data Platform

Bring All Your Customer Data Under one Roof
One Control Station for All Your Ads
Activate Your Data and Capture Value
Unlock Competitive Advantage by Being more effective
Move Fast, Save Time when everything is Optimized
Future Proof Your Data & Ad Infrastructure with a Partner

A Call for Auto Dealers

With LinkOne, our mission is to empower dealers to take control of their data and build their own ad platform.

We understand the challenges that come with modern data security, and privacy regulations – whether you’re a dealership, or an agency working with dealerships. With our platform, you’ll be able to streamline your data and ad operations to completely take control of your revenue growth, so you can focus on what you love doing.

Join us today and experience the power of having your own Automotive Data Platform.